How To Production The PVC Conveyor Belt And What’s The Good Function?

- Dec 11, 2017-

PVC conveyor belt with high strength, light weight, wear resistance, colorful and beautiful, non-toxic tasteless, anti-static, tensile small, long life and resistance advantages.

PVC light conveyor belt production, processing technology and equipment PVC light conveyor belt manufacturing methods generally have three kinds: coating method, rolling method, impregnation method. Apply the most coating method, suitable for PVC emulsion slurry.

The basic process is: paste → coating → heating plasticization → cooling molding → take-up fabric processing is made of a layer of belt, for two or three layers of conveyor belt, respectively, to go through two oven or roasted Plate heating, and then under a certain pressure composite into one, pressed by the smooth surface of the roller or embossed roller into a variety of patterns. In this production process, the key equipment is coating machine, oven and compound, embossing machine, as well as closing, unwinding device, tension control device, etc.