How To Extend The Service Life Of The Conveyor Belt

- May 28, 2018-

Lightweight conveyor belts have a wide range of uses. They have the characteristics of simple use, economical manpower and material resources, safe operation, and low cost maintenance. Their low maintenance costs are favored by customers. How can the service life of Yancheng conveyor belts? This is a topic that many companies and machine manufacturers are most concerned about.

First, the configuration of the conveyor

Conveyor belt is an important part of the conveyor, but the decisive factor is the configuration of the conveyor, including the parallelism of the frame, the drum, the size of the motor power, the material used for the conveyor and so on.

Second, conveyor belt selection

The selection of the conveyor belt is particularly important. The drum diameter determines the thickness of the conveyor belt, the use of the environment to determine the material, the conveyor determines the pattern, and the conveyor angle determines the processing method.

Third, the normative operation

The operator of the conveyor must have the expertise in operating the machine, be able to properly install and use the conveyor belt, find problems in time, and deal with them in time.

Fourth, regular maintenance

Conveyor belts need to be checked regularly, including wear, deviations, etc.

V. Storage is appropriate

Conveyor belts should be stored in a dry environment at room temperature and should not be stacked outdoors.