How To Deal With Rubber Conveyor Belt Scratches?

- Nov 20, 2018-

Conveyor belt tearing, scratch repair operation method


The first step: polishing the damaged surface first marks the contour of the wound, the marked part should be larger than the damaged part, and then use the angle grinder L1202 with 125mmK23 tungsten steel to polish the disc, and grind the wound part until the surface of the damaged part shows a certain curvature, and No protrusions are required.

Step 2: Clean the damaged surface Clean the polished surface with a cleaning brush and use a cleaning agent to deeply clean the polished surface and let it dry.

Step 3: Brushing the adhesive The damaged surface is coated with the first cold-vulcanized adhesive SK313 until it is completely dry. The damaged surface is painted for the second time SK313 cold vulcanization bonding, and the semi-vulcanized layer of the repaired strip is also coated with the cold vulcanized adhesive SK313 at the same time, and the two are similar to dry and non-dry (the glue does not adhere to the back of the finger) Start bonding.

Step 4: Laminating repair strips The bonding surface of the repair strips is applied along the damaged surface, and air is trapped as far as possible during the lamination process. After the bonding is completed, the compaction roller is used to roll from the inside and the outside, and the repaired surface air is discharged and compacted.