How To Clean Conveyor Belt

- Dec 06, 2018-

First, check whether the large belt test used by the customer can be cleaned.

 1. Observe whether the operation of the belt is positive.

 2. Check the position of the pressure device.

The setting of the pressure device is divided into the following types: a. When the pressure device is located at 1\3, the original pressure value should be set to +2; b. When the position of the pressure device is at 2\3 or 1\2 value The pressure value is set to the original pressure value.

 3. Detect the use of the belt. a. Against the running direction of the belt, touch the surface fibers by hand to determine if they are worn. b. Measure the thickness of the belt. c. Detect the hardness of the rubber roller glue. (Whether the thickness of both sides of the belt is the same) When the hardness of the rubber roller is between 7.2 and 8.5, it can be determined that the rubber of the rubber roller is normal. When the hardness of the rubber roller exceeds 8.5, it is recommended that the customer repack the rubber.

According to the above information, it can be judged whether the belt can be cleaned.


Second, make sure the big belt can be washed. Take the next step;

 1. Turn off the steam valve and adjust the pressure according to the position of the tensioning device.

2. For mechanical and electrical equipment, wrap it in plastic.

 3. Connect the device. Connect the washing machine to 220v AC.

 4. Wet the belt. (The purpose of this is to make the belt better absorb the cleaning solution and clean it more cleanly.)

5. Mix the ratio of the cleaning solution to water at 1:10 and mix well.

6. Spray the cleaning solution evenly on the belt with a spray gun. Note a. The reinforcing side of the belt should not be used with excessive force to avoid damage to the belt. b. The gun should be swept once and not repeated.

 7. Rinse with water. Be careful at this time, so the cleaning of the belt will be clean.

The last is drying.

1. Let the machine run slowly, then do not heat it.

2. Adjust the pressure device. (Because the big belt sees water shrinks, increasing the pressure can pull the belt to the original length.)

3. When the machine is running for 90 minutes, increase the running speed of the machine, observe the belt at any time, and do not go wrong. If the belt is deflected, it can be divided into the following two situations; a. When the belt runs to the right, the belt can be contacted with the roller on the left side first. b. When the belt runs to the right, let the belt touch the roller on the right side first. 4. After the belt is in normal operation, there is a trachea that flushes the dirt on the large line, especially the dirt on the heating plate, so as not to stick to the belt again.

The cleaning work has been completed. Clean up the site, organize the tools, check if the tools are complete, so as not to delay the next work.