How To Choose The Conveyor Belt Buckle Belt Buckle Is What

- Sep 12, 2018-



First, start with the basic materials, choose the best raw materials, go through a rigorous speculation, and put the first level.

Second, the production process. Carry out all-round training for employees, ensure fair operation, avoid all kinds of embarrassing things, and cause low quality of goods. They are also equipped with quality speculators to test the passing of goods, so that unqualified products are not shipped. .

Third, the final process before leaving the factory, carry out thorough inspection. Guaranteed passing goods bring consumers.

Conveyor belt buckle belt buckle features:

Applicable belt width is wide: the nail angle can be hooked back to the conveyor belt after the buckle is fixed. The belt buckle of a thickness specification can meet the belt binding connection of 6-15mm thickness, which is convenient for customer management.

The straightness of the joint is good: the hammer-type nailing machine is used for binding, and after the three-point positioning of the conveyor belt, the cross-order fastener is used, so that the conveyor belt of the fastening portion is uniformly deformed, and the flat buckle itself has good straightness. The straightness of the conveyor belt joint is good, and the string pin is easy to be inserted when connecting; when running, the cause of the deviation of the conveyor belt can be reduced.

High joint strength: Due to the V-shaped arrangement of the buckle, the relative density of the buckle on the binding section is reduced, and the damage to the core is reduced. The force distribution of the buckle in the operation of the conveyor belt is even, so the strength of the conveyor belt joint is high and the service life is long.



Improve the force of the string pin: Due to the wide buckle ring structure at the tail of the button body, the pressing force of the pin pin can be reduced, and the service life of the pin pin can be improved.

Small impact during operation: low-flat plate body and scalloped surface with leading edge of the button body to reduce impact and wear on rollers, rollers and cleaners during operation.

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