How To Choose Anti-static Tape

- May 18, 2018-

Nowadays, many inferior antistatic tapes have low strength and are easily broken. This is mainly related to the quality of the film. Therefore, when choosing an anti-static tape, be sure to look at the width of the anti-static tape and the thickness of the anti-static tape. In addition, attention must be paid to the fact that due to the large amount of impurities in the inferior anti-static tapes, no gaps are observed between the tapes when the tapes are taken up. Therefore, in the case of the same number of meters, the volume will be relatively large, thus deceiving consumers.

So how do we choose anti-static tape?

1. The tape must have enough weight on your hands.

2, it is necessary to choose not easily broken high viscosity anti-static tape.

3, the roll of anti-static tape looks very strong, the roll of anti-static tape looks soft and soft, and some even have a gap.

4, smell the tape on the nostrils, if the smell stinks or very thick, indicating the quality of the glue is not good.

5, can meet your requirements, get anti-static tape first thing to do is to feel enough sticky enough.

6, feel very hard tape on the tight roll, tape, you can use your fingers from the opposite side of the tape to push the tape hard, the number of feet is very full, than the same thickness but the volume of loose tape meters long.

7, the same specifications (refer to length, width, single layer thickness) anti-static tape, first look at the thickness of single-layer adhesive tape and tape tensile strength. Be sure to choose a good pull resistance. As for the thickness depends on the buyer your choice.