Hong Kong International Printing And Packaging Exhibition

- May 06, 2019-

Exhibition time:

April 27, 2019, April 30, 2019

Highlights of the exhibition:

A well-known and rare business platform in the industry

Attracting more than 11,000 buyers from 109 countries and regions

Venue: Hong Kong, China - Lantau Island

Exhibition industry: packaging printing

Exhibition scale: 9200 square meters

Organiser: Hong Kong Trade Development Council, China Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


exhibition criteria

1. Printing service exhibition area: three-dimensional image printing, bags, envelopes, calendars, card and gift printing, bar code label printing, book printing, commercial printing, digital printing, non-paper material printing, packaging printing, screen printing, security printing , financial printing, tag printing, card printing, CD printing, etc.;

2, packaging service exhibition area: gift packaging, watch box / jewelry box, anti-counterfeit packaging, cosmetics packaging, retail packaging, transportation packaging, anti-static packaging, filling packaging, PVC packaging, non-woven packaging, bamboo packaging, pressure vessel packaging, Industrial packaging, environmentally friendly packaging, recycled paper products, etc.;

3. Food and beverage packaging theme exhibition area: beverage packaging, blister packaging, food packaging, tin foil, shrink packaging, alcohol packaging, tobacco packaging, vacuum packaging, plastic wrap, plastic bottle/cover, metal can, PVC/PP/PO Food bag/box, etc.;

4. Printing consumables and packaging consumables: ordering consumables, cartons, flocking materials, bronzing materials, gift wrappers, posters and art drawings, craft paper, labels, laminating materials, wrapping paper, paper bags, paper plates, plastic bags, Plastic card, plate, printing ink coating, special paper, printing paper, ribbon, special material, tape, label, fragile paper, gift flower ball and webbing, corrugated carton and carton, adhesive, cling film , tape/label, other printing and packaging materials, etc.;

5. Printing and packaging equipment and systems: printing equipment, screen printing equipment, binding equipment, prepress processing system, CTP equipment, cutting equipment, digital printing equipment, drying equipment, office automation equipment, packaging and finishing equipment, Paper processing equipment, advertising production technology equipment and equipment, bronzing equipment and consumables, second-hand printing / packaging equipment supply, bar code printers and software, electronic data publishing systems, machine parts and parts, ERP systems, laminating equipment, lubrication systems, testing Instrument table, etc.

6. Comprehensive pre-press and trade service exhibition areas: printing/packaging design services, publication design, quality inspection services, environmental certification services, etc.;

7, transport packaging and supply chain management program: container slow air bags, bubble bag filling packaging, corrugated boxes, shipping boards, moisture-proof packaging.


Exhibition introduction

Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is a well-known and rare business platform in the industry. It has become an important bridge and hub for contacting printing and packaging service providers with global manufacturers, service providers and traders.

Here, exhibitors will provide a wide range of printing and packaging solutions, new materials and equipment, and logistics services, providing a wide range of solutions for buyers from all over the world who need printing and packaging services to help companies improve their products. The image and charm, which in turn increases the competitiveness of the product. This exhibition is very popular in the industry, as evidenced by the steady increase in the number of exhibitors and buyers.

The Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair attracted more than 443 exhibitors, an increase of 22.8%. They were from 8 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Germany, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. The commercial Pudong real-life trade and promotion platform contacts end-users, printing agents, publishers, manufacturers, printing and packaging services companies, retailers, designers and production companies in different industries. The number of buyers attending last year exceeded 11,000, an increase of 6.4%, from 109 countries and regions.