Guide Bar Specifications And Functions

- Nov 01, 2018-

The role of the guide strip

       The guide strips of the conveyor belt have the following main functions:

First, anti-running

       During the conveying process, the conveyor belt will wear the conveyor belt and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt, which will cause the conveyor belt to break, causing production stoppage and even injury. In order to solve the deviation of the conveyor belt, the guide strip is generally processed at the contact surface between the conveyor belt and the drum, so that the conveyor belt is within a certain limit.


Second, increase friction

       The surface of the flat conveyor belt has a small frictional force. In order to increase the frictional force, it has an anti-slip effect and can adapt to a certain climbing angle. The herringbone guide bar can be processed and is generally used on a palletizing machine.


Third, block the role

       The flat conveyor belt processes the guide rails laterally on the conveying surface to block the conveyed objects and increase the conveying amount of the conveyed objects.


Guide bar specifications

       There are many specifications for the guide strips of the conveyor belt. Generally, there are 6*4, 8*5, 10*6, 13*8, 17*11, 22*14, 30*17, etc., and the style of the guide bar. There are common type and tooth shape. Advantages of ordinary guide bars: large turning radius, suitable for large drum operation.