Four Factors Affecting The Ring Timing Belt

- Jul 09, 2019-

Four factors affecting the ring timing belt


Recently, according to relevant news, China's rubber industry has four major problems, such as tires, ring-shaped timing belts and other structural structural contradictions.

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First, the lack of technical talent and insufficient innovation ability. China's economic growth is mainly driven by investment and exports, and the contribution rate of science and technology is low, only about 40%. The contribution rate of scientific and technological progress in the developed countries such as the United States to economic growth is as high as 81%.



Second, the brand's influence is weak. China's exports of rubber products such as tires account for about 41% of production. Except for some enterprises exporting under their own brands, quite a few enterprises are OEM exports, and the prices are lower.



Third, the structural overcapacity of tires, ring timing belts and other products is prominent. In recent years, the production capacity of China's tires and other products has expanded rapidly, and part of it is the growth of homogenization capacity. At the same time, the concentration of domestic industry is low. Under the current situation of declining exports and unfavorable domestic market, competition in domestic and foreign markets has been further aggravated, resulting in a decline in corporate profits.


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Fourth, multiple factors have led to rising costs. At present, the main factors leading to the rising cost of the ring-shaped synchronous belt in China are the large fluctuations in rubber prices, environmental protection and energy-saving emission reduction investment, logistics costs and labor costs.



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