Discharge Trolley

- Jun 26, 2018-

The unloading trolley is mainly composed of a redirection drum, a driving device, a blanking hopper, an active walking wheel, a driven walking wheel, a frame, a brake and an electric control device. In order to improve the environmental problem of dust pollution during unloading, the unloading trolley can also be equipped with a dust removal system and a tape sealing device.

The unloading trolley throws the material into the three-pass funnel by changing the direction of the drum, and the material can be fed to the two side hoppers or the intermediate blanking outlet under the control of the electric flap. The blanking to the middle blanking mouth is mainly used for unloading the cart to adjust the position and to feed the tail bin. Its advantage is to adapt to high belt speed and high output conditions, it will not damage the tape; the disadvantage is to discharge the need, the upper roller must be lifted to a certain height, so the unloading car looks large and complex, the body is longer, plus concave The arc is suspended so that the feeding chute is at least 10 m long and cannot be unloaded. This will limit the equipment layout. The length of factory buildings has increased and investment has also increased. At the same time when the material moves, it will cause scattering.