Conveyor, Storage And Use Of Conveyor Belts

- Aug 10, 2017-

Lifting of the product: When using a crane to transport the conveyor belt, it is best to use rope and steel bar lifting. First, a steel bar through the core with a mandrel hole, and the rope with a strut hanging rod ends will be lifted. When lifting, be careful not to damage the belt. In the absence of steel bars and brackets, a fabric rope with sufficient strength may also be lifted through the mandrel hole. But in the rope and contact with the place, should be pad an object to prevent the rope Le bad belt edge. Do not put the spreader into the tape lifting, not the rope around the coil lifting, to prevent the roll to the side of the slip. It is also possible to use a forklift with sufficient carrying capacity, but not to damage the outer ring of the belt. 

2 transport and storage transport and storage process should not be taken with the acid, alkali, oil, water and other pollutants in contact and away from heat; to avoid long-term direct sunlight and rain and snow leaching; storage temperature should be maintained at allowed to throw TP3 ? -80%. Transport and storage process shall not be squeezed. 

3 use of the product 1. In use, is strictly prohibited to different categories, different specifications of the tape, connected together to use. 2. In use to prevent folding, hard phase pressure. Should be taken up and kept. 

3. The direction of the transport material and the rate of material falling are consistent with the direction and speed of the tape. 

4. Before the use of the general first machine to start, so as not to overload the motor and conveyor belt slip, before stopping, the tape should be all the material unloading. 

5. In the use of tension should not be too large, and the roller should not slip and the material is not transition under the premise of ensuring the minimum tension to work. 

6. In the transport of the tape should not run or run off the line should be adjusted. 

7. In the use of slip or pull the phenomenon, should be promptly troubleshooting, adjust the tension system to keep the elastic device flexible.