Conveyor Belt Selection And Use

- Aug 10, 2017-

Conveyor belt selection is divided into two categories, different types of conveyor belt with different roles, it should choose the correct conveyor belt. While the correct use of conveyor belt to extend its life, the following describes the selection of conveyor belt and the use of conveyor belt.

First, the selection of conveyor belt

Conveyor belt selection is divided into two types of ordinary conveyor belt and special conveyor belt.

1. General type conveyor belt: This conveyor belt with fiber fabric with a core, with the general rubber for the cover material, the surface smooth and smooth.

2. Special conveyor belt: the main rope with a rope, high-angle belt, tropical, with cold zone, with a refractory belt, wire mesh and strip, and so on.

① steel cord with a number of flexible and high strength of the special wire rope instead of fiber fabric with a core conveyor belt.

② high angle belt: including short pattern belt, high pattern belt, horizontal plate with a ribbed belt with several types.

③ heat-resistant: with special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, conveying the material temperature up to 800 ℃.

④ cold belt: also used special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, can be used in -55 ℃ environment.

⑤ refractory belt: with polyvinyl chloride or special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, mainly for coal mine. It is with the roller or other parts of the strong friction is not easy to produce a flame caused by the explosion.

⑥ wire mesh: woven by the wire, there is no cover, to transport -55 ~ 1200 ℃ material or in the delivery of materials to complete the dehydration operation.

Second, the use of conveyor belt

With the popularity of conveyor belts in industrial production, many varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-functional, long life is the manufacturer concerned about several aspects. In industrial production, the correct use of conveyor belt is particularly important, the conveyor belt in use should pay attention to the following matters:

1. To avoid the roller is covered by the material, resulting in rotation is not working to prevent leakage of material in the roller and tape between the attention of the conveyor belt part of the lubrication, but not oil conveyor belt;

2. to prevent the conveyor belt load start;

3. Conveyor belt deviation, should take timely measures to correct;

4. found that the conveyor belt local damage, the application of artificial cotton timely repair, so as not to expand;

5. Avoid the conveyor belt from the rack, pillar or block material block, to prevent breaking the tear.