Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

- Mar 30, 2019-


Food safety metal detector, conveying type micro metal detector, needle detector


Product introduction

Based on the research and development of metal detectors for many years, we have introduced a new generation of microcomputer-based intelligent high-sensitivity, high-reliability touch-screen interface metal detectors. The products are designed with dual-loop circuits. This is an all-metal detection instrument that can detect iron and Non-ferrous metals, the sensitivity can be adjusted separately, with the memory function can preset six kinds of detection substances, the water-containing products and frozen products have a good exclusion, breaking through the technical bottleneck of most equipment only sensitive to magnetic substances The detector adopts sound and light alarm, and at the same time, automatic elimination, shutdown, rewind function, user-friendly menu, touch screen operation is convenient, the whole machine is made of stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, no rust, easy to clean. Therefore, it is widely used for the detection of metals in objects requiring high food, medicine, toys, and the like. Its characteristics and operation are as follows:


1. The combination of new analog circuits and digital circuits greatly improves product reliability and intelligence.

2. It adopts new touch screen input and large-scale integrated circuit. The CPU completes the analog signal collection and converts it into digital quantity for processing and output, and automatically collects the best point of the detected metal content, which greatly improves the sensitivity and reliability of the detection. Sex.

3, using humanized interface design, the whole operation process is simple and intuitive, the human-machine interface is clear at a glance, all functions can be directly operated on the screen to complete the functions performed.

4, you can set a variety of required functions and modes, set the self-test function.

5. Sensitivity: The gear position can be adjusted to increase or decrease (1-9 gears can be adjusted).

6. When a trace amount of metal is detected, the sound, light, and meter will alarm at the same time, and the unqualified product will automatically return to the stop state.

7. This product adopts computer composition control system. According to the special requirements of users, it can complete the statistics of the number of detected objects, the qualified products, the classification and statistics of non-conforming products, the data storage printing, the identification of dry and wet concentration products, and the simultaneous operation of multiple devices. Separation of interference, etc.

Technical Parameters

1. Detection method: electromagnetic wave detection

2, digital circuit 5 inch blue screen LCD display

3, detection width: 40-120CM

4, detection height: 10-50CM

5, sensitivity adjustment: 0-9 level

6, detection sensitivity: 0.8mm-3.0mm iron ball, 1.5-5.0mm stainless steel

7. Alarm mode: buzzer alarm, motor automatically stops

8, conveyor speed: 40 m / min

9, power: 100-265VAC, 50-60Hz

10, the appearance size: 150cm (length) * 80cm (width) * 85cm (height) (can be customized according to demand)

Application range

Can be used for dry goods, semi-dry goods, including souvenirs, tea, cooked food, coffee, textiles, toys, clothing, shoes and hats and other industrial products testing. It is also used for the detection of parallel foods such as aquatic products, poultry, meat, frozen and cold.

After sales service

Focus on security inspection products, specializing in the production of security doors, hand-held metal detectors, underground metal detectors, food metal detectors, vehicle inspection mirrors, security doors, etc. Products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and CE, FCC, SONCAP, RoHS and many other International quality certification, so all products purchased in our factory are entitled to 1 year warranty service and lifetime maintenance.