Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Process

- Apr 02, 2019-


This is a new way of making conveyor belts for incorporating conveyor belts into the image and functional components of the belt. The method comprises: the first ply for the manufacture of an image or a functional element, the application of an image or a functional layer of a first ply, the use of an image of a bearing or a conveyor belt in the manufacture of a functional element, characterized in that said manufacturing process The topcoat is applied to the joint of the first ply and the end of the first ply to form an endless belt.



1. A manufacturing process of a conveyor belt incorporating an image or functional component of a belt

2. The first layer in the process according to processing requirement 1 comprises a mixed yarn or fiber

3. The method according to the processing requirement 2, wherein the method of blending the yarn or the fiber is an endless belt formed of silk, nylon, cotton or rayon ply

4. The method of claim 1, the method of processing claim 1, wherein the first ply comprises a non-woven polyester

5. The method according to the processing requirement 1, wherein the first layer is a film laminate, acetate, paper or metal foil

6. The method described, the processing requirement 1 is characterized in that the first ply does not bear the printed image

7. The method of claim 6, wherein the image is printed on the first ply by screen printing, laser printing or ink jet printing.

8. The method, the method, the processing requirement 1 characterized in that the functional elements of the first ply