Conveyor Belt Justice

- Mar 15, 2019-

Conveyor support structure manufacturing method

The utility model discloses a conveyor belt supporting structure, which comprises a supporting frame. The opposite positions of the supporting frame are respectively provided with rotating rollers supporting the conveyor belt, and the connecting position of the rotating roller is oppositely inclined, the rotating roller edge The belt is rotated in a moving direction, and the support frame is rotatably coupled to a support roller that rotates in a moving direction of the conveyor belt, and the circumferential side of the support roller is higher than a connection position of the oppositely disposed rotating roller. The oppositely disposed rotating roller is inclined downward, so that the conveyor belt above the rotating roller is bent downward due to the gravity factor, thereby forming a position for the bulk material to be placed, and the rotating roller is also synchronously rotated during the movement of the conveyor belt. Thereby facilitating the movement of the conveyor belt


In order to solve the above problems, in the prior art, the invention patent publication "CN102910432 A" discloses a support structure of a conveyor belt which is connected between the brackets and supported by a three-stage rotating roller. , that is, the axis of the middle rotating roller is parallel to the horizontal plane, and the rotating rollers disposed on both sides of the rotating roller in the middle are inclined upwardly, and the opposite rotating roller is V-shaped in the space, thereby recessing the intermediate position of the conveyor belt inward. Thereby preventing small grain of grain from leaking from both sides of the conveyor belt, but in actual cases, there will be a gap between the horizontally disposed rotating roller and the inclined rotating roller, which will cause the conveyor belt to be conveyed during the transmission of the conveyor belt. The card is embedded in the position between the roller and the roller, and then the conveyor will stop at this position, affecting the normal use of the conveyor.