Conveyor Belt Jointing Tools

- Mar 14, 2019-

Mechanical joints require a button and belt buckle

Cold bonding head requires belt glue, belt pull pliers, angle grinder, knife, hammer, slotted screwdriver

Hot vulcanized joints require vulcanizers, belt pullers, angle grinders (matching tools), glue, joint film



General general tools: two pairs of splints, one gourd, two slings, one piece of wood, one set of button machines


By means of a U-shaped rivet or a wire staple, the belt buckle can be clamped and fixed at the construction site, and both ends of the rivet or the staple are pressed through the small hole of the first arcuate portion of the buckle, and then After passing through the conveyor belt, the staples then pass through the apertures in the other arcuate portion of the belt buckle. The stapler can be used to drive the staple into the belt, and the punching device continuously acts on the head of each of the staples, during which the buckle is supported on the support member, the support member effectively acts as an iron The role of the drill. The support member has a recess for receiving the tip of the staple so that the staple can be bent and the staple is pressed against the corresponding curved portion of the buckle.

In order to ensure that the belt buckle can be securely fixed at the construction site, a punching device or a punching machine must be used. This punching device can generate high pressure and form beads between the tip of the staple and the belt buckle. Shaped connection. This requires the use of more complex and more expensive equipment.