Conveyor Belt Joint Method

- Mar 12, 2019-

Conveyor belt conveyors have been continuously improved due to the continuous advancement of metallurgical industry technology, machinery manufacturing technology, motors and chemical technology. Conveyor belt conveyors are slowly developing from the completion of material transfer within the factory floor. The interior of the enterprise is the material handling between the city and the city. Nowadays, the conveyor belt conveyor has already become an indispensable part of the material handling system automation and mechanization.



First, the direction of development

Conveyor belts will continue to grow in the future. The large-scale mentioned here includes several aspects such as large conveying inclination, large conveying capacity, and large single machine length. Nowadays, many countries are studying how to make conveyor belts carry large-capacity, long-distance materials. At the same time, it is necessary to expand the use of the conveyor belt, so that the conveyor belt can work in some places with low temperature or high temperature and radioactive, corrosive and flammable materials, so that it is easy to produce some explosive, easy to agglomerate and very hot objects. . Common transmissions are available with both DTII conveyor belts and TD75 conveyor belts.

Second, the method of the conveyor joint

The method of the belt joint generally includes a hot-vulcanized joint, a mechanical joint, and a cold joint head, and the like.

1. Mechanical joint refers to the use of belt buckles for joints. This joint method is very convenient and convenient to use, and it is also very economical and environmentally friendly, but one thing is that it is very easy to be damaged and the joint efficiency is very low. Therefore, this will also cause him to have a certain impact on the service life of the products conveyed on the conveyor belt. Generally, those products with the following eight-stage belts will adopt this mechanical joint.

2, the cold bonding head is to use a cold adhesive to give the product joints. This method is certainly much more efficient than mechanical joints, and it is also more economical, and the effect is very satisfactory, but if the actual conditions, the process conditions of this joint method are relatively high, and it is difficult to be Mastering, and at the same time, the quality of the adhesive will also have a great impact on the joint, so his stability is not very good.


3, hot vulcanized joints This joint method is actually the most ideal and best joint method, he can improve the joint efficiency, but also make the joint more stable, and the service life of the joint is also extended, master It's easy, but one thing is that his process is very troublesome, and the joint takes a long time, and the cost is higher than the mechanical joint and the cold bond head.


Therefore, when you choose the joint method, you must make a decision and make a decision. Don't just think about saving things so very casually. Otherwise, the ultimate damage is still their own interests. When you choose the fitting method that suits you, be sure to figure out what your conveyor belt is for. What kind of materials are used to transport. According to the length of the transport materials, the weight of the product, and the external environment used, etc., so that you can choose the most suitable joint method, of course, the cost problem should also be taken into account. Otherwise, there is no way to make the production if there is insufficient funds.