Conveyor Belt Joint Failure

- Mar 16, 2019-

Conveyor belt joint is a professional technology. If the conveyor belt joint is not working well, the rubber conveyor belt interface will break the conveyor belt and seriously damage the whole conveyor belt. Therefore, the joint work must be connected. After years of research, the company has summarized common problems in the joint process, as follows:


1. The rubber surface is contaminated and loses its activity, resulting in insufficient bonding strength.

2. The glue is not correct, and the glue on the side seam is not sufficient.

3. After bonding, the joint is not hammered and pressurized.

4. After the glue is applied, the glue is not fully dried until it is not sticky, so that the solvent in the teaching is not fully evaporated.

5. Unused excess glue is applied to the joint to destroy the initial bond strength of the original glue.

6, static curing time is not enough.

Reasons for bubbling:

1. The alignment is incorrect when bonding, and air is left in the bonding surface.

2. Uneven hammering when discharging air after bonding

3. The thickness of the glue is not uniform, the glue layer is thin and dry first, and the solvent in the thick place is not evaporated, and the initial adhesive strength is not formed, resulting in a false bond.

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