Conveyor Belt Joining Kit

- Mar 12, 2019-

In the traditional way, the conveyor belt is connected with a belt buckle, but the belt buckle relatively causes a certain degree of damage to the belt itself, and the belt is prone to falling off during high-speed operation of the belt.

At present, more joints are used for the convenient and quick cold vulcanization joint method. When the operation is carried out, the large-scale vulcanization equipment is not needed, and the bonding treatment can be performed on site.

In the field operation, the conveyor belt joint parts need to be stepped layered, and then the high-speed low-speed angle grinder is matched with the tungsten steel disc to grind each layer layer layer by layer;


After the polishing, the layered part needs to be brushed to remove the surface impurity oil;

The sk313 after the mixing and agitating is applied to the layered portion layer by layer, and then dried again after being dried.

Apply the RIT belt repair strip coated with glue to the joint to seal it, and use a pressure roller to press it firmly.