Conveyor Belt Installers

- Mar 21, 2019-

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  Our company is committed to the production of wire rope lifting belt for more than 10 years, manufacturing and manufacturing wire rope lifting belt and its accessories: alloy joint fixture, steel plate joint fixture, high-strength galvanized hopper bolt, heat-resistant rubber pad, etc.

  Introduction to joint fixture

  1. Product Classification: Special alloy alloy joint fixture Steel joint fixture

  2. Product composition

  Special alloy belt clips constitute:

  Main belt clip: 1 inner clip, 2 outer clips

  Accessories: clamp bolts, wire buckles, fillers, filling glue, filling boxes

  Steel plate clamps constitute:

  Main belt clamp: 1 inner clamp, 2 outer clamps Accessories: clamp bolt, wire buckle

  3. Product specifications:

  Width from 200mm to 1700mm

  4. Connector fixture installation method:

  1). Clamp the ends of the lifting strap with bolts with the main belt clamp.

  2) After clamping, peel off the cover tape at both ends of the lifting belt and peel off the steel cord core.

  3). Tighten the steel wire rope ends at both ends of the belt with the steel wire U-shaped buckle.

  4). Fill the box to cover the filling material, fill the glue, wait 15 minutes to solidify.