Conveyor Belt Inspection

- Mar 20, 2019-

Seamless integration with channel metal detectors

METTLER TOLEDO manufactures a range of standard and custom metal detector conveyor systems that seamlessly integrate with our industrial window metal detectors for contamination in food processing and non-food applications Object detection. All METTLER TOLEDO channel metal detector heads can be integrated with standard or custom conveyor systems for fully automated product inspection.


Flexible solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers

The flexible conveyor belt metal detection system can be designed and manufactured to meet specific production processes and requirements, from light to heavy duty food and non-food applications, and can be used in almost any work environment. We offer a wide range of product rejectors for food processing and non-food applications, from simple detection to systems where foreign objects are stopped, to fully automated inspection and rejection systems.


Timeless metal detection system

We offer a wide range of metal detector conveyor systems that allow food and non-food manufacturers to configure a feature set that fits their own process, ensuring that metal detection systems are never out of date. The rugged construction is standard on all conveyor systems, ensuring reliable, consistent online performance regardless of the work environment.