Conveyor Belt Industry

- Mar 21, 2019-

With the rapid development of society and science and technology, the speed of industrial development is particularly impressive. From the manual operation in the 1970s and 1980s to the current industrial automation production, it can be said that it is a qualitative leap, and these are all inseparable from the silent effort. Researcher.

Today, we are talking about an indispensable part of industrial automation production, that is, conveyor belts. Many people may be unfamiliar with the word conveyor belt. I don’t know much about it. In fact, the existence of conveyor belts in our lives is very Commonly, such as car and high-speed rail baggage inspection, airport baggage handling, including our friends who like fitness, often go to the gym to exercise, and also run the conveyor belt on our treadmill. Including many people nowadays are not willing to take the time and energy to go to the face, often choose to go to some noodle shops to buy ready-made noodles to go home and do it themselves. In fact, as long as you pay attention to observation, there are also conveyor belt shadows on the machines in these stores, so the conveyor belt In our daily life, we may not have observed it, and it already exists in our food, clothing, housing and transportation.

So what are the advantages of the conveyor belt, so that our clothes and food can not be separated from it, in fact, the conveyor belt can continue uninterrupted and efficient, large angle of transportation, and the conveyor belt is safe to operate, easy to use and easy to repair, and freight Low cost, and can effectively shorten the transportation distance, reduce the project cost, save manpower and material resources, and make the conveyor belt become the darling of industrial production. Then what will the conveyor belt look like in the future?


With China's energy, electricity, metallurgy, building materials, docks and other industries have also achieved great opportunities for development, China's national economy is developing at a rapid pace. Conveyor belt products are closely related to the development of these industries, and also play a key role in the development of the national economy. In the international market environment, China's industrial conveyor belt industry is facing a new environment. The question of how to be good and durable and sustainable development has attracted more and more attention from the industry. The conveyor belt industry is developing rapidly. The conveyor belt is the second largest rubber industrial product after tires. It is mainly used in coal, dock, metallurgy, machinery, food, woodworking, electronics, medicine, printing, daily chemical, marble and other industries and warehousing industry. The material transportation, its product quality, specifications and application range, at a certain level, mark the development level of the national economy and technology. During the period of the Seventh Five-Year Plan, China has listed high-strength and flame-retardant conveyor belts as the key points of technological transformation.

After more than 20 years of hard work, high-tech products have become the leading products. Among them, the steel cord conveyor belt for long-distance material transportation and impact resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance, the flame-retardant conveyor belt for ensuring safe transportation under the coal mine, and the non-polluting type for conveying food, electronic products, etc. Light conveyor belts and other places have dominated the market. After years of hard work, our company has innovated a high-strength conveyor belt such as a skirt baffle conveyor belt, a nylon conveyor belt, an EP conveyor belt, a MT668 standard flame-retardant steel wire rope conveyor belt used in coal mines, and a MT669 standard wire rope traction. Its self-developed and innovative conveyor belt products have reached the advanced level of similar products in developed countries in terms of product specifications, technical level, product variety and service life.

Of course, due to the non-standard domestic market, there are also many favorable factors for disorderly competition in the industry. First, blind development, small and scattered enterprises; second, non-standard production, price reduction sales; third, poor brand awareness, only low prices, regardless of quality; fourth, weak macro-control, the market lacks the necessary rectification and guidance. It is recommended that the energy-saving, safe and environmentally-friendly conveyor belt industry should adhere to the sustainable development. It is necessary to adhere to the scientific development concept, develop a circular economy, accelerate the technological transformation of the industry's energy conservation and consumption reduction, and eliminate the industry's pure pursuit of rapid economic growth while ignoring the bad behavior of energy consumption. Stick to the path that can continue to develop.