Conveyor Belt Indonesia

- Mar 20, 2019-

The main components of the conveyor belt material are PVC/PU/PE, rubber and cord woven structure, which not only can improve the quality of the conveyor belt, but also ensure the long-term stability of the conveyor belt, and also bring economic cost savings to the majority of manufacturers, eliminating production. A lot of troubles in the first line. The main function of the conveyor belt is to transport, dry and assist in the bonding of the cardboard, so the conveyor belt production process is one of the most critical processes to determine the quality of the product. The production line and production process require three major characteristics for the conveyor belt:


        Drying, gas permeability: The production process of bonded paperboard requires that the conveyor belt must have the ability to absorb vapor and evaporate moisture. The synthetic chemical fiber has poor hygroscopicity and dryness, but the acupuncture zone porosity of the synthetic fiber needled. It is higher than the cotton belt which is mainly woven from cotton fibers, and in this respect it enhances its moisture absorption and evaporation. The physical properties of cotton fiber materials are more advantageous than the hygroscopic drying properties of chemical fibers. From the comparison of the absorption vapor/evaporation moisture relative value test, the cotton belt is significantly higher than the needle conveyor belt. On the whole, it is dry and breathable.


         The surface is flat and firm: the conveyor belt is required to be of high quality, high density, stable and stable geometry, and surface insensitive. It can be kept flat during long-term use, so it is not susceptible to residual adhesive and other dirt, and is sturdy. The quality can also ensure that the conveyor belt is not off-line, and the layer will not be uneven, so that the bonded cardboard will be even, flat and more perfect, avoiding the appearance of blisters and other undesirable quality phenomena. Acupuncture belts and cotton belts have their own advantages. The needle belts are mainly formed by synthetic needles by needle punching. The initial surface is smooth and soft, which is beneficial to the contact affinity between the surface and the cardboard. However, the weakness of the needle belt is the surface too. Sensitive, easy to off-line, delaminated and susceptible to contamination and difficult to clean and maintain, wear resistance is not strong enough, telescopic geometry is not stable enough. The conveyor belt is mainly woven from cotton fibers and synthetic fibers and reinforced with high density, thus ensuring a firm quality and flat surface, which significantly improves wear resistance and long-term thermal stability.


         Transfer tension transmission force: requires transmission with stronger density, wear resistance and greater friction coefficient; the friction coefficient is larger, the same transmission tension requires less pressure, which can reduce energy consumption and improve conveyor belt and Equipment life. The Nobel conveyor belt has a surface friction coefficient that is nearly 20% higher than that of a conventional conveyor belt. The improvement of the friction coefficient is also conducive to the conveyor belt itself does not run off, does not slip, and the production performance is more stable. The high density of the cotton webbing fiber also allows the surface to be evenly flat, uniform and geometrically stable when the line is frequently replaced and the width of the board is adjusted.


         Based on the results of the above comprehensive analysis, the superior quality and performance of the Shanghai Shengyin mechanical conveyor belt make it the first choice of more and more manufacturers. Through years of information feedback and production research and testing by our customers. Starting from the selection of demanding raw materials, through advanced production technology and careful processing by each worker, high-strength wear-resistant and stable cotton belts are produced. The average service life of Shanghai Haoyin mechanical conveyor belt is 25%-50% higher than that of ordinary conveyor belt, which makes the relative price per square meter cheaper, reduces the loss caused by downtime and saves installation costs, and more importantly, improves stability. Production quality and energy consumption.