Conveyor Belt In Minecraft

- Dec 28, 2018-

"My World" is a game that is completed by one person. In "My World", the world presented to everyone is not a gorgeous picture and special effects, but a focus on gameplay. Players do both "building" and "destruction" in the game, but by combining and patching together with LEGO-like blocks, it is easy to make cabins, castles and even cities, but if you add players Imagination, the city of the sky, the city of the underground can be achieved. Do you know how my world ice cubes come from? What is the use of ice in my world? If you don't know, just take a look at the guide that Xiaobian introduces to everyone! I hope to be helpful! Ice is a translucent solid square formed on the surface of the snow (formerly known as the winter mode). It was added to the game along with snow in version 1.0.4. As long as the water is in the snowy area, it will eventually freeze. The same material is used on all sides of an ice cube. The player will have a little slip on the ice. Ice can be easily destroyed without any tools, but it will be faster to break the ice. If there are other squares under the ice, it will be turned into water when broken, otherwise it will only break and not produce water. The sound of the crack is the same as the glass. Ice will also melt at light levels of 12 and above, but does not include daylight. The torch cannot be placed directly on the ice. Ice can't be collected, but it's still possible to build a facility by modeling and watering. This type of construction depends on the weather, and ice needs to be snowy. However, after beta 1.7, players can use the piston to push the ice. The item moves very fast in the water on the ice. This can be used to deliver items quickly. As the item falls back from the edge of the water back to the ice, it continues to maintain its previous speed. In the creation mode, no matter how the ice is destroyed, it will disappear directly and there will be no water. Attribute: Type: Solid square Influenced by gravity: No Transparent: Part (Brightness-2) Brightness: None Explosion resistance: 2.5 Mining tool: None Renewable: ? Stackable: Yes (64) Other: If you made a water ladder Ice can be placed at the bottom of the ladder to speed up the movement of the item. Since items falling from the water back to the ice can continue to maintain speeds of up to 6 squares, a reasonable placement of water can make a conveyor belt for the item. If a player rides a pig on a saddle with ice, the pig's movement will be incredibly fast. This makes it easy to travel across a wide range of ice surfaces. Although it seems that the ice is transparent, it is impossible to see the water below through the ice and not to see other ice. The same is true of magma. If the ice appears in the player's backpack with the modification method and then breaks in the lower bound, the water will not evaporate. This can be used to brush obsidian. (Fixed in the 1.3.1 update, the ice will not melt, it will only disappear) Sugar cane can be placed on the ice. When generating a map of the world, some areas of ice may be produced, and water must be under the ice. If the ice is placed in midair and melted with the light source, the ice will turn into water that is parked in the air until other squares touch the water. If you try to use a flint on a fire, there will be no flames. However, the lighter will still reduce durability, just as it is used. The same thing can happen on the glass. Ice is not as transparent as glass, so light passes through each ice and reduces two levels of light. Ice is not so transparent in the backpack and on the hand, but it is transparent when you put it on the ground. Like the portal, ice is one of the few squares that use transparent pixel materials (colored, but nearly transparent). The monsters stand on the ice and are not caught by the sun, just as they fall into the water.