Conveyor Belt In Malay

- Mar 20, 2019-

Explorer coconut palm conveyor belt baler features Malaysia coconut skin hydraulic baler explorer machinery factory coir silk baler

The characteristics of the palm baler of the machinery factory: convenient material, simple structure, small floor space, beautiful appearance, hydraulic opening, high box height, one-time pressing, one-side rope, high pressure, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.

Uses: Mainly use coco silk packing station to compress and pack the soft bag with packaging, also suitable for other kinds of soft things. Linqing Jia Our company has matured and refined for more than 10 years, the whole machine is imported. The quality is stable and the welding is carefully carried out. Durable and trouble-free, easy to operate, save workers, save workers, "Explorer" brand hydraulic baler, standardization of all parts. It is the best choice for factories and customers. Mainly exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia. Production is safe and reliable. Compressed packaging.

1. Mainly applicable to Malaysia, non-concierge, African country coconut palm fruit, coconut tree, coconut skin.

2. Hydraulic configuration: The low-noise hydraulic circuit system combines imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure the quality and reduce the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.

3. Simple structure, low failure rate and simple and fast maintenance.

4, easy to install, no need to strengthen the foundation.

5, feeding mode: manual manual feeding.

The explorer machinery factory palm wire baler after-sales service guarantee, one-year warranty replacement, all products are entitled to the specified three-pack service, the instruction manual, the three-pack card with the goods, the year-round supply of accessories.