Conveyor Belt In French

- Mar 21, 2019-

Without the concrete pump truck, the concrete can be transported to a distance of 12 meters from the mixer truck. Not long ago, two ready-mixed concrete producers in Thailand equipped the THEAM vehicle conveyor belt on their concrete mixer trucks, which successfully solved the problem of concrete mixer trucks transporting concrete at close range without the aid of pump trucks.

The THEAM conveyor belt unit is suitable for all types of concrete with a slump of 2 to a slump of 22, as well as construction materials such as cement, mortar and sandstone, which can be used anytime and anywhere. With just one person per mixer, you can complete the installation of conveyors, transport concrete, dump concrete and evacuate the construction site in 20 minutes. This solution is ideal for small and medium-sized construction sites and narrow spaces where concrete pump trucks or cranes cannot be used and where concrete is required. The conveyor costs only one-eighth of the concrete pump and is easy to service and can be handled by the mixer driver.

u=3098582683,4255898240&fm=27&gp=0Although 12-meter conveyor belts are not a substitute for concrete pump trucks in heavy-duty or long-distance concrete transmission operations, this solution is the best choice for short-distance and less than 40 m3 concrete transmission. Practicality and economic benefits. The conveyor belt is currently based in France, but some production facilities will be moved to Asia to meet growing market demand.