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- Mar 28, 2019-

In China, there are many types of industrial belts, and many people are prone to confusion or purchase errors in the belt, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the manufacturing standards and general uses of some industrial belts. I hope that it will help you choose the belt.

    10715-2002 Transmission belts, V-ribbed belts, joint V-belts and single V-belts including wide V-belts and hexagonal belts - Conductivity of electrical conductors: requirements and test methods

    GB/T 10412-2002 ordinary and narrow V pulley (reference width system)

GB/T 10413-2002 narrow V pulley (effective width system

GB/T 13487-2002 General transmission timing belt

GB/T 10414.2-2002 belt drive timing belt drive car timing belt pulley

GB/T 18860-2002 Motorcycle shifting V belt

GB/T 18183-2000 Automotive Synchronous Belt Fatigue Test Method

GB/T 12730-2002 generally used narrow V belt

GB/T 10716-2000 Test method for physical properties of automobile timing belt

GB/T 1358-1999 Belt drive Flat belt and pulleys Dimensions and tolerances

GB/T 14562-1999 V-belt fatigue test method


GB 12731-1991 flame retardant V belt

GB 12732-1996 car V belt

GB 13552-1998 Automobile V-ribbed belt

GB/T 10412-1989 ordinary V pulley

GB/T 10413-1989 narrow V pulley

GB/T 10821-1993 V belt size for agricultural machinery

GB/T 11063-1989 Polyamide base flat belt

GB/T 11355-1989 V belt drive Rated power calculation

GB/T 11356.1-1997 belt drive belt pulley for normal and narrow V belt drive (base width system)

GB/T 11356.2-1997 Belt drive Pulley for normal and narrow V-belt drive (effective width system) Groove inspection

GB/T 11357-1989 Material, surface roughness and balance of pulley

GB/T 11358-1999 Belt drive Flat belts and pulleys Dimensions and tolerances

GB/T 11362-1989 Timing belt drive Rated power and transmission center distance calculation

GB/T 11544-1997 ordinary V-belt and narrow V-belt size


GB/T 11545-1996 Automotive V-belt fatigue test method

GB/T 11616-1989 Timing belt size

GB/T 1171-1996 General use ordinary V belt

GB/T 11361-1989 Timing belt drive Pulley

GB/T 12730-1991 narrow V belt

GB/T 12733-1994 industrial variable speed V-belt size

GB/T 12734-1991 car timing belt size

GB/T 12735-1991 V-belt fatigue test method for agricultural machinery

GB/T 13352-1996 car V belt size

GB/T 13405-1992 Automobile V pulley

GB/T 13487-1992 General transmission timing belt

GB/T 13490-1992V Band uniformity specification and test method Center distance variation method

GB/T 13575.1-1992 belt drive - ordinary V belt drive

GB/T 13575.2-1992 belt drive - narrow V belt drive