Conveyor Belt Hot Pot Toronto

- Feb 22, 2019-

The use of rotary hot pot equipment does not require a large kitchen, transparent operation, the entire preparation and processing process is completed by the customer himself at the table. Rotary hot pot is one person

, according to the customer's favorite choice of various dishes and personal hygiene habits.

The slewing equipment is equipped with modern high-tech electromagnetic cooker. There is no open flame, no smog is generated, there is no safety hazard, and it is environmentally friendly and hygienic. Our rotary conveying equipment adopts imported electrical components, chain pieces and guide rails, all made of 304 stainless steel.

With stainless steel mirror panel or stainless steel brushed panel, the appearance is neat and beautiful. The equipment has the following characteristics: 1. The conveyor chain belt runs smoothly. 2. The height difference between the two chains of the conveyor chain is small. 3. The conveying guides are flat and burr-free. 4. The design is reasonable.

The chain belt is durable. 5. The chain strip is made of special materials, which are wear-resistant and noise-free.