Conveyor Belt Hot Pot Selegie

- Feb 18, 2019-

The rotating hot pot conveyor belt provides many complete conveying equipment for the food display industry. It is sold well throughout the country and expanded to overseas markets, winning the praise and trust of customers.

Rotating hot pot conveyor features:

1, the machine performance is stable, safe, no noise, easy to operate

2, the conveyor chain belt runs smoothly, mechanical maintenance can be carried out at any time, long service life

3. The conveying guides are flat and the joints are beautiful.

4, the design is reasonable, the chain is durable, other vulnerable parts are easy to replace, you can operate it yourself.

5. The chain strip is made of polymer nylon, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, no noise, long life and so on.

Rotating fire conveyor belt is a major measure for our company to develop the market. In the hope of mutual benefit, we can create brilliance with the catering enthusiasts.

The conveyor belt has the following features:

1, the conveyor chain runs calmly

2. The height difference between the two chains of the conveyor chain is small.

3, the conveyor rail connection position is flat, no burr

4, the design is reasonable, the chain is durable

5, the chain pad is made of special materials, with wear resistance, low noise, etc.

6, the equipment is produced by experienced production team, delivery on time, exquisite workmanship