Conveyor Belt Hot Pot San Mateo

- Feb 19, 2019-

Hot pot conveyor belt, self-service hot pot conveyor belt, hot pot conveyor belt equipment with health, nutrition, nourishing, delicious, fast and affordable features, guiding the catering industry another fashion, novel and fast creative theme, you can also open the store without the big-name chef.

Features of hot pot conveyor equipment:

1. The rotating system adopts a sealed design, the structure of the conveyor chain belt is relatively strict, the operation is particularly safe, and it meets the requirements of food hygiene;

2, saving manpower and material resources: guests can freely choose the food they like to eat in their own seats, no need to personally send the waiter, this equipment replaces the dining table with a stand, which can save a lot of tables and tablecloths;

3. Hot pot conveyor equipment attracts more customers: This machine attracts more customers with its beautiful, generous and novelty, especially for children and teenagers. A large number of facts prove that the equipment has low investment, lowest operating cost and highest return rate of hot pot conveyor catering equipment. The rotary hot pot equipment subverts the traditional eating habits and allows the diners to return to nature, so that they can eat all kinds of fresh vegetarian dishes and leeks, as well as taste the delicious dishes that the top chefs secretly make for you