Conveyor Belt Hot Pot Philadelphia

- Feb 19, 2019-

Hot pot restaurant equipment Hot pot shop self-service equipment Hot pot shop rotary equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The conveyor chain belt runs smoothly

2. The height difference between the two chains of the conveyor chain is small.

3, the conveyor rail connection position is flat, no burr

4, the design is reasonable, the chain is durable

5, the chain pad is made of special materials, with wear resistance, no noise and so on.

Self-service small hot pot conveyor equipment rotating small hot pot conveyor equipment to provide quality services for domestic and foreign customers: investment budget - site selection - interior design renderings and decoration - catering sales planning - tableware kitchen utensils - dining stool bar chairs. Perfect service and professional catering market knowledge, so that your investment plan can be more reasonable, so that your investment has no worries!

The company's product line is complete, the quality is reliable, adhering to the integrity-based, with superb technology, quality service for customers to solve problems! Our professional technology is your guarantee of making money.

To do business, good products certainly want to sell high prices, but we firmly believe that: quality and survival to survive, micro-liar to the far, only value for money, in order to sustainable business.

Factory direct delivery, factory installation. The length can be made according to the size of the customer's site. The conveyor chain is made of 304 stainless steel. It has beautiful appearance, cleanness, hygiene, conveying direction and adjustable speed. It is a new type of fashionable equipment for self-service hot pot and buffet breakfast. All motors use imported motors to ensure stable operation.

The company's rotary equipment has the following characteristics:

The conveying guide is flat,

The seamless shape is beautiful.

The conveyor chain belt runs smoothly, the maintenance of mechanical equipment can be carried out at any time, and the service life is long.

The machine performance is stable, safe, no noise, easy to operate