Conveyor Belt Hot Pot Markham

- Feb 21, 2019-

Conveyor belt Hot pot conveyor belt Self-service conveyor belt Rotary sushi line Rotary sushi line Self-service sushi line Rotating hot pot equipment, with a group of excellent engineers, excellent engineering

Technicians and restaurant planners. In addition to designing and producing products of different specifications and models for customers, the company has added a complete range of software and hardware supporting services (food and beverage planning,

Rotary Sushi Chefs Association, Rotary Dining Tableware, Kitchenware, Meals). Integrate the top-notch rotary sushi brand business model at home and abroad, and tailor a set of unique characteristics for customers.

Camp planning. From market research, site selection, design layout, product features, price positioning to tracking services. Sushi, self-rotating sushi line, rotating hot pot

The equipment covers the traditional eating habits, allowing the diners to return to nature, you can eat all kinds of fresh vegetarian dishes and leeks, or you can eat the best chefs for you.

Good food. Xinri East is your friendly partner for catering and entrepreneurship. Rotating Sushi Line Rotating Sushi Line Buffet Sushi Line,

The rotary equipment can be designed according to the area of the restaurant and the customer's requirements. Our equipment transmission system adopts a sealed design, and the transmission and connection structure is rigorous, and the operation is safe and stable.

Hygienic requirements. It can save manpower and material resources, and guests can freely choose the food placed on the conveyor belt in their respective seats, without the waiter being sent, and also turning the conveying equipment to

Beautiful, fashionable, novel and dynamic, attracting more customers and making them popular.