Conveyor Belt Hot Joint Machine

- Feb 20, 2019-

The PVG conveyor belt is safe, flame-retardant, waterproof and anti-static, and is especially suitable for material transportation in underground coal mines. Although steel ribbons are more durable, they are too expensive and costly. Although the ordinary belt is moderately priced, compared with the PVG conveyor belt, the waterproof and flame retardant performance is poor. Therefore, the current domestic coal mine transportation system mostly uses PVG conveyor belt.

The PVG conveyor belt core is a whole. Unlike other conveyor belts, the core has layers that can be layered. Therefore, when the PVG conveyor belt is jointed, the belt buckle joint or the hot vulcanized joint is generally used.

The belt buckle joint is convenient and quick. However, when the belt buckle is in the joint, the conveyor belt is required for punching, which directly causes damage to the conveyor belt body, when the tension of the conveyor belt is too large, and secondary cracking occurs. Moreover, the conveyor belt of the belt buckle joint can not be installed with the cleaning device, otherwise the cleaning device will be scratched or the cleaning device will be stuck to the belt buckle, resulting in secondary cracking of the belt.

At present, the most suitable way for PVG conveyor belt joints is the hot vulcanized joint method. When the joint is used, the hot vulcanized rubber is mixed with the heat-cured film, and the entire joint operation is completed by heating and pressurizing the vulcanizer. Which glue is used in the hot vulcanized joint, and the quality of the glue will affect the use of the entire joint.

The PVG tape joint thermal vulcanizate is PVG heat vulcanized film and hot vulcanizate. Due to the special size of the PVG conveyor belt, when selecting the heat vulcanized film, the rubber material with the same or similar performance as the original belt should be used.

Inmet PVG hot vulcanized joint film is a special film imported from Germany for PVG conveyor belt joint. After heating and plasticizing, it is further improved in waterproof, flame retardant and tensile and abrasion resistance. The joint strength can reach 90% of the original belt.

The matching joint glue is PVGA special thermal vulcanizate SK833, which is applied to the joint part to bond, infiltrate and fill. It can make the joint part after cutting better combined and integrate to prevent Debonding, opening, etc. occur at the site after the joint.