Conveyor Belt Hole Punch

- Feb 15, 2019-

Imported habasit folding machine conveyor belt, folding glue machine conveyor belt, laminating machine punching belt

Shanghai Hao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in importing equipment accessories. Acting well-known industrial transmission belts and conveyor belts, with professional and skilled technology and experienced staff, has a complete sales service system. XINBEX operating transmission belt: Japan Samsung MITSUBOSHI, Jidong Bando, UNITTA, Germany Obi Optibelt, Martial Contitech, US Gates and timing belt, V-ribbed belt, wide-angle belt, shift belt. German SIEGLING and Swiss Habasit HABASIT, NITTA flat belts and conveyor belts, German BRECO and McGregor MEGADYNE polyurethane timing belts and pulleys can be loaded with lids and brackets according to customer requirements. In addition, cable traction belts, iron belts, paper tapes, shifting belts, fan belts, belt conveyor belts, printing belts, pentagonal belts and open timing belts, perforated belts, etc., are widely used in tobacco, glass, packaging, ceramics. , paper, food, textile and electronics processing industries. We hope that our sincere service will make you smile with satisfaction!