Conveyor Belt Hire Sydney

- Feb 18, 2019-

There are two main types of double-sided toothed timing belts: neoprene double-sided toothed timing belt and polyurethane double-sided toothed timing belt.

According to the tooth shape characteristics, the double-sided teeth can be further divided into: a trapezoidal tooth double-sided tooth synchronous belt and an arc-tooth double-sided tooth synchronous belt.

Double-sided toothed timing belts are mainly available in models: D-XL, DL, D-, HD-XH, D-XXH, D-T2.5, D-T5, D-T10, D-T20, D-AT10, HTD. DA-3M, HTD.DA-5M, HTD.DA-8MHTD, DA-14MHTD, DA-S8M


Conveyor belt:

Transmission belts in rubber, leather and fabric. The power of the belt can reach 5000KW, the operating efficiency can reach 98%, and the operating speed can reach 100M/S.

Suitable for a wide range of belt pulleys and with double-sided transmission. The maximum width is 500MM.

The inner layer of the belt is composed of a thin layer of polyamide, and the two layers are made of the corresponding materials for different industrial uses.

The application range of flat belts includes textile industry, paper industry, printing industry, metallurgy industry, wood industry, flour industry and so on.


PU round belt main performance:

Easy and quick to make the connection process - anti-wear - anti-grease - resistant to most chemical products.

High-strength tension - shock absorption - low noise - easy to clean - easy to store due to the use of special packaging.

Coefficient of friction: Surface finish 0.4 to 0.8 (depending on hardness) - Surface with pattern 0.3

Recommended maximum speed: 15M/S

Recommended operating temperature: minus 20 degrees to 50 degrees (continuous) / minus 40 degrees to 80 degrees (intermittent)