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- Feb 25, 2019-

3mmPVC conveyor belt|3mmPVC conveyor belt supply



Service introduction

Teflon conveyor belt has the characteristics that the mesh is easy to breathe, and the 3mm PVC conveyor belt is supplied, so it is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing and drying guide tape, screen printing, ultraviolet drying, UV series, light curing machine, offset printing. Machines, loose dryers, non-woven dryers, high-frequency dryers, food baking machine guide belts, temperature-controlled drying rooms, fast drying of flux-type inks and drying of general moisture-containing articles.

Ordinary conveyor belt: cover layer: tensile strength is not less than 15Mpa, elongation at break is not less than 350%, wear loss is ≤200mm3; interlayer adhesion strength is between longitudinal sample and not less than 3.2N/mm; The thickness is not less than 2.1N/mm; the full thickness longitudinal elongation at break is not less than 10%; the full thickness longitudinal reference force elongation is not more than 1.5%.

Conveyor belt rapid spray repair material, 3mmPVC, it has excellent adhesion, excellent wear resistance and excellent tensile properties, cohesive strength, tensile strength, peel strength and good hardness, toughness and elongation. Free disassembly, heat-free vulcanization, quick repair of rubber conveyor belt scratches on site, low repair cost, short time, avoiding major losses caused by scrap replacement and long-term shutdown, self-leveling is good, 3mm PVC conveyor belt, bright and bright, can be fast Repair damaged rubber conveyor belts, rubber products, and pre-coat a protective layer on the surface of the product, and the repaired conveyor belt can fully meet the service life of the new transmission.

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