Conveyor Belt Guide Rollers

- Mar 02, 2019-

The guide roller, also known as the leader roller, serves to maintain the copper mesh in a normally fixed position during operation. When the copper network is deflected, it will be adjusted back to its original position, leading the copper network to always take the right path.

Aluminum guide roller aluminum surface treatment process For aluminum, the color that can be achieved by anodizing is quite limited, usually silver, bronze, titanium, K gold or black.


The guide rolls guide and drive the screen and felt of the wet end and drying section of the paper machine. The guide rollers of the two zones use the same bearing. However, different lubrication and sealing are used depending on the application location. In the old paper machine, the wet end section is usually lubricated with grease, and the drying section is lubricated with oil. In modern paper machines, both sections are lubricated with oil circulation. Due to different working conditions, the wet end and the drying section need to be lubricated with their respective oil circulation.

It is often seen that the larger the machine, the faster the speed. To this end, the inner ring of the bearing is mounted directly on the tapered roller neck by means of a tapered bore.

Wet end section

Bearings are affected by temperature at different locations in the paper machine. Especially when the paper machine is undergoing high pressure cleaning, it must be ensured that water cannot enter the bearing housing.

2. Drying section

The ambient temperature is about 95 ° C, which will result in a large length change, so the lubrication requirements are high. The bearing can work at temperatures up to 115 °C