Conveyor Belt Guarding

- Mar 04, 2019-

The rain cover should be stacked and leveled during transportation and storage to avoid deformation and damage of the product. The rain cover is made of a plate, which is a cold-rolled steel plate or a galvanized steel plate. After surface chemical treatment, it is coated (rolled) or composite organic film (PVC film, etc.), and then baked and cured. Made of products. Some people call this product a "pre-roller plate", a rain cover, a rain cover, a dust cover, a belt conveyor rain cover, and the like. Everyone said that after the rain cover was bought, how to install it? Let me talk about it. Rain cover installation instructions:

8. Working on underground electrical equipment, it is strictly forbidden to carry out live work. When underground electrical equipment is inspected, handled and moved, no less than two people work together and monitor each other. Before the inspection, it is necessary to cut off the power supply first. The experience electric power confirms that it has been discharged after the power failure, and the warning button of the "someone works, prohibits closing" is attached to the operation handle (the warning sign should be divided into two halves, and the power-off person hangs half of the power-off person to be overhauled. At the end, the power-off person personally brings the other half of the warning card to send power, other personnel are strictly forbidden to send power, and there is a special guard to allow the electrical equipment to be repaired.

 The rain cover is a protective cover installed on the conveyor and the belt conveyor. Its function is to provide cover for the goods to be transported, and the goods are safe. In order to prevent the rain cover from working properly, we need to measure some relevant data before purchasing the product. So what data do we need to measure?

Also, we need to use the indoor or outdoor rain cover correctly according to the installation location. The main function of the indoor rain cover is dustproof, and the outdoor rain cover is not only dustproof, but also the main function is to protect the machine from working in various harsh natural environments. Therefore, the outdoor all-weather rain cover not only has a stricter sealing structure, but also has various functions such as a wiper, a spray, a temperature rise and a temperature drop. This determines that the price of the outdoor rain cover is much higher than the indoor rain cover. It should be noted that due to the small temperature changes in some areas, they are all within the working temperature of the machine. This allows the use of ordinary outdoor rain cover without constant temperature function.

All the dust hoods are mechanically formed by water flow, and the cover surface naturally forms dense circular arc-shaped ribs, which are evenly distributed. The hood is in a double curved shape. The design is scientific, the mechanical strength is large, and the hood is tightly fitted. , windproof and waterproof performance is very good. Installation method: The factory has carried out structural reform and innovation on the basis of the introduction of Japanese protective cover installation and connection technology, making it more convenient, practical and sturdy, with quick installation, flexible opening and exquisite appearance. The observation window is inspected with a special wave elastic rubber bead embedded in the matching surface of the door and the shield, and the corresponding sealing is performed. The thickness of the cover material, the opening cover, the separation distance of the observation window, and the size of the shield can be flexibly used. All accessories have been pre-treated before leaving the factory and our factory can also make non-standard dust cover products and under cover products or baffles according to the needs of users. If you are not convenient to come to the factory, we will arrange technicians to look at the belt conveyor in your factory and design a suitable protective cover. Including the heightening type, widening type, top type, opening mode from the original single-sided single opening, the new product is the whole piece open, single-sided half-open, single-sided folding open. My company has a stock photo explanation, with new product drawings, the installation method has also been greatly improved, in addition to the angle bracket, Z-shaped steel bracket, more simple and quick, easy to disassemble the hinge \ lock, link.

5. If the device is required to support the angle steel, the supporting angle steel is first welded on both sides of the frame, and then the joint angle steel or Z-shaped steel is welded on the supporting angle steel. 4. The skeleton of the fixed conveyor cover is the joint angle steel or Z-shaped steel, and its length is equal to the length of the conveyor cover device. Weld the angled or Z-shaped steel on both sides of the transport frame or small angle steel.


The rain cover is suitable for the rain, dust and windproof of the conveyor belts of steel, cement, power generation, chemical industry, coal, port, ash factory, dock and other major factories and mines. The goods reduce the loss during the transportation process, so that the conveyor belt It is more stable and reliable in operation and plays a big role in purifying the environment. Second, the deviation of the rain cover product use:

The tape waterproof cover brings great advantages to the industry in the industry. The tape waterproof cover is light in weight, easy to install, fireproof, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, windproof, rainproof, dustproof, snowproof, shockproof, impact resistant, UV resistant, long-term use without aging, no cracking and so on. The tape waterproof cover can effectively protect the conveyor belt and the conveyor roller and other accessories, reduce the wind blowing, rain and other losses during the transportation process, prolong the service life of the conveyor, and make the conveyor belt and cargo run smoothly. reliable. Reducing pollution plays a big role in purifying the environment. The material of the waterproof cover is glass steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate and the like. The color steel plate is durable and durable compared to other plates, and the price is quite affordable. The color steel plate is subjected to surface pretreatment (degreasing and chemical treatment), and is coated with one or more layers of liquid paint by a roll coating method, and is baked and cooled.