Conveyor Belt Grip Spray

- Mar 02, 2019-

During the transportation, loading and unloading process, the material moves relative to the air, causing the fine particles to fly into the air to form dust. In coal-fired power plants, coal conveyor belts are dust-contaminated places. The dust-generating parts mainly focus on transfer points, return belts, coal feeders, coal crusher exits/inlets, and coal bunkers.

1. Water spray dust removal mechanism

Water spray dust removal is to pressurize water and spray it through high-efficiency nozzles to form a large number of fine water droplets moving at high speed. The water droplets in motion collide with the dust particles to combine, the particles increase due to surface humidity, and the particles Under the action of surface water, it is easy to gather together to form large particle dust, so that the weight of the particle body increases and accelerates to the surface of the coal on the belt, purifying the air.

2. Composition and characteristics of water spray system

The water spray system consists of two major parts, the water system and the control system. The water spray system is mainly composed of water supply device, pipeline, solenoid valve, and nozzle; Figure 1 water spray dust removal system


The water spray dust removal has the advantages of simple system, convenient operation and maintenance, small investment, good dust removal effect, etc., no need to collect and transport dusty gas, and no secondary treatment of dust. Compared with negative pressure dust removal, the fan, air duct, dust recovery and other facilities are eliminated, which will not cause secondary pollution of dust. Therefore, it is more common in various industries.

3, water spray system control and operation

Control is the core of the normal operation of the entire water mist dust removal system. Both automatic and manual control methods can be used. In order to achieve the dust removal effect, the spray system should be operated in an automatic control mode to achieve unattended operation.

Through the photoelectric controller installed on both sides of the conveyor belt drum, when the material passes or stops, the controller issues an opening/closing command in time, and the spray system automatically opens/closes to perform the water spray operation. This can save water, save electricity, and remove dust.