Conveyor Belt Glue

- Mar 02, 2019-

Many people don't know what glue to use for the conveyor belt bonding, but they just think it is glue. In fact, the glue of the adhesive conveyor belt has two kinds of glue, one is cold vulcanized glue, and the other is hot vulcanized glue.


If you don't understand it here, it's a bit more common. The glue that needs to be bonded to the conveyor belt by means of the vulcanizer is called hot vulcanized glue, and the cold vulcanized glue is not needed.


Let's start with cold vulcanized glue. Generally, this kind of glue needs to meet the bonding between rubber and rubber, rubber and metal, rubber and fabric, fabric and fabric. Intermec reminds that due to the different use environment of the conveyor belt, the requirements for cold vulcanized glue are relatively high. For example, if the downtime of underground coal mine transportation equipment is short and the underground environment is bad, the most important point is flame retardant. This puts higher demands on the use of cold vulcanized glue. There are a lot of cold vulcanized glue on the market, but it is very difficult to find a comprehensive performance. If you want to say one, I will feel cold vulcanized glue SK313. Of course you can choose or not to choose, this is your business.


Then we will talk about hot vulcanized glue. The hot vulcanized glue is the core rubber and surface glue used in the hot vulcanized joint of the conveyor belt. This type of material mainly uses high-temperature, high-pressure vulcanization of the joint portion of the conveyor belt by means of a vulcanizer. For the time being, we will unify the core rubber, the surface rubber and the hot vulcanized glue into a hot vulcanized material. Inmet reminds that the hot vulcanized material is under the strict operation process, the most important thing is to use it with the original rubber of the conveyor belt. If it is not universal, the quality will not be guaranteed. When selecting hot vulcanized materials, it is especially prudent. Currently, more RIT hot vulcanized materials are used on the market, and the quality is stable and reliable. It is a good choice when selecting hot vulcanized materials.

Caution: Choosing the materials related to the conveyor belt should not be profitable.