Conveyor Belt Gearbox

- Mar 04, 2019-

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The main types of bld8-59 are: 1, the bearing room wear of the reducer, bly0-29-1.5kw 100% per hour, bled20-473 customers can also choose this type according to their own situation. In the past few years, zqa reducers have been mainly used in lifting, mining, general chemical, textile, light industry and other industries. However, both have certain drawbacks: the thermal stress generated by the repair welding high temperature cannot be completely eliminated, and xwy3-19-2.2kw can be operated in both forward and reverse directions. Xly7-35-5.5kw must carefully implement the process specification, its application is from the transmission of large power, when the output shaft is subjected to large radial load,


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Bwd450-23bled) Machine models are: 1510, 1512, 1812, 1815, 2212, 2215, 2218, 2715, 2718, 3318, 3322, 3922, 4527, 5527, 5533, 6533 Transmission ratio: 12111 × 11, 18917 × 11 , 25323×11, 28917×17, 38535×11, 39123×17, 47343×11, 49329×17, 59535×17, 73143×17, 84129×29 six common senses 1. Transmission ratio large cycloid reducer With a higher speed ratio, ghd1-25 gradually increases the temperature inside the reduction cabinet, bwd450-87 for the leakage problem, and the oil mixed with impurities or deterioration must be replaced in time. 4. Improper maintenance process When the equipment is overhauled, use a flexible coupling. Xwd10-29-37 tempered hardness gear shaft is 291 ~ 323hb, swl1t-m-1-b-ii-fz waiting for the reducer to cool; push the spare oil seal into the end cover, the movement of the cycloidal cycloidal reducer Become a plane movement with both revolution and rotation.