Conveyor Belt Game

- Mar 11, 2019-

Number of participants: 15 to 25 people 1 group

Time: 30 minutes

Venue: open outdoor venue

Props: several sets of newspapers, tapes, 2 pairs of scissors


  game rules

1. The trainer divides the students into groups of 15-25 people and distributes them to each group of ten newspapers and tapes and 2 scissors.

2. The students used newspapers and tape to make a conveyor belt and transported members of the group to destinations 30 meters away. The conveyor belt must be closed. There is no limit to the number of players per shipment. The conveyor belt cannot break during operation. If it breaks, all players must return to the starting point to start again. See which group can transport all the players in this group as fast as possible.


Game layout purpose

In the process of making the conveyor belt, how to assign tasks, what kind of conveyor belt design can be used to complete the task at the fastest speed, the students need to exert collective strength, plan and implement together. This is a test for the teamwork awareness and division of labor of the students. And the final result is undoubtedly the most intuitive measure of this test.

1. Cultivate students' awareness of division of labor and efficiency.

2. Inspire the creativity of the students and fully mobilize their imagination.

3. Active team atmosphere, let the students get relaxed and happy in the game.

Related discussion

1. What discussions have you made on the design of the conveyor belt, and finally how to determine it?

2. Do you think your implementation plan is the most efficient? Is there any other place to improve?

3. How much is the number of members of the transmission belt and the number of players that you think is the most suitable?

4. What methods are available to make the conveyor belt stronger and not easy to break?

5. Have you considered the arrangement of the transmission belts when the players are transported, and what are the main considerations?

6. What inspired you from this game?

Game main obstacles and solutions

1. In order to transport all the players as soon as possible, some trainees may consider making a large transport belt to transport all the people once, and some trainees may consider making smaller transport belts. The team members were transported in batches. In fact, considering the fact that the conveyor belt may break, the batch transportation can spread the risk and it will be more reliable.

2, but there is still a problem here is how big the transport belt is appropriate, and each group needs to be reasonably allocated according to their own personnel. It is also best to divide the members of the group into several transport teams, and each transport team produces transport belts at the same time. If some teams finish first, and other teams need help, help them. After all, the success of the game depends on when the last team can arrive. If you don't need it, who will finish first, and who will leave first.

3, in order to make the game more challenging, you can also add regulations, for example, in the process of transporting the belt, the team members' hands and chest can not touch the conveyor belt, and so on.