Conveyor Belt For Stairs

- Dec 27, 2018-

Conveyor belts play an extremely important role in the production process. Common conveyor belts have a flat surface and low friction, making them easy to slip on slopes.

    The stair-type elevator in the mall allows consumers to move quickly between floors, which is firm and convenient. So, can the conveyor belt be like this? “Staircase belts”, like stair-type elevators, can be cycled and run repeatedly, transporting items from low places to high places or transporting items from high places to low places. When the item is placed on a "stair conveyor", although the item is transported on a slope, the item is actually placed horizontally and is more stable during transport.

    The “stair conveyor belt” is novel in design, making the transmission of items safer and more convenient.

The climbing belt conveyor is suitable for continuous conveying of goods on the floor or between heights. The climbing belt conveyor with small inclination angle (≤30°) is equipped with a brace, a jig and a skirt on the belt to enable the object to be lifted at a larger angle. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, fast transportation, low noise and uninterrupted. Particularly suitable for the transport of small materials such as food, injection molded parts, powders and various parts industries. It is used for conveying goods between planes with high height such as upper and lower floors, slope topography, and overpasses. In some cases it can be used instead of a lift. In order to prevent the items from rolling off due to gravity when transporting granular items, a baffle can be added at intervals.


The skirt belt conveyor adds accessories such as lifting baffles and skirts to the conveyor belt. All accessories are welded with high frequency and seamlessly connected. The nylon machine is used to process the pressure roller. The conveyor belt runs smoothly and can meet the particulate matter and Powder lifting process requirements, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

 The large angle belt conveyor is a highly arranging belt conveyor. Its conveying range can be several meters high to several tens of meters high. The large angle belt conveyor structure is glued to the sides of the flat rubber conveyor belt. The "skirt", which has a certain strength and elasticity between the skirts, constitutes a squat bucket, so that the material is continuously conveyed in the bucket.

 The belt conveyor belt of the turning belt conveyor is equipped with a special anti-rolling roller (bearing plus POM) or a high-frequency welding guide rib on the outside of the conveyor belt to operate the conveyor belt in a special guide rail. The roller is made of a special cone package. Rubber roller, widely used in food, beverage, electronics, tobacco and other industries, we can choose a smaller diameter roller, making the corner connection more convenient, perfect solution to the transition problem.

 Turning belt machine features: This equipment is suitable for all kinds of flow shop manufacturers, small and medium-sized items logistics, power system using frequency control system, stable performance, safe and reliable, easy to operate. The line speed is generally 30 meters per minute.