Conveyor Belt For Sale South Africa

- Dec 25, 2018-


    1    SCOPE

       This specifcation detail the requirements for the design ,selection,supply, delivery and commissioning of conveyor belt protection instruments and systems.This specification addresses issues related to the design and selection of equipment for the designer as well as the specification of such equipment to the supplier.


     The Engineer shall specity project information, including:

  •      Title the project

  •      Reference number for tender

     Issue,data and revision of this specification to be used    


       For the purpose of this specification the following definitions shall apply 

       BS   :   British Standards

       FAILSAFE :     A system which defaults to a safe state under failure conditions


       HAZOP  : Hazard and Operaqbility Study

       IEC        :International Electrotechnical Commission

        IP :    Ingress  Protection

      MCC:     Motor  Control Centre

     PFD:       Process Flow Diagram-Schematic Iustration of the Systern 

      PID :   Project Initiation Document -Key Information Required to Start Project

     PLC   : Programmable Logic Controller

    The  following terms are defined in the General Conditions of Contract

  •       Angla Ameriacan,Approved ,Company ,Contractor ,Engineer




     Magnetic removal of tramp iron

     Belt magnets shall be provided where necessary to protect the conveyor belt by removing magnetic objects.A magnrtic detector shall be fitted after the belt magnet to trip the conveyor belt in the event of failure of the removal action Personnel and Equipment protection requirements.

    Pre start warning systems

   Pre start warning devices shall be installed along the entire length of the conveyor belt system to warm personnel that the conveyor belt is about to start moving.

   The following important points should be noted:

  •    The pre start warning devices shall be audibly and visually detectable alongside the entire length of the conveyor belt installation.

  • The pre start warning signal shall be activated and in operation for at least 20 seconds(configurable )before the coveyor belt drive is started.

  • The pre start warning signal shall reman in operation until such time as the conveyor belt is moving along its entire length.