Conveyor Belt Fallout 4

- Jan 21, 2019-

elt conveyor, conveyor belt dust collector working principle

The belt conveyor and the conveyor belt dust collector are mainly composed of an upper box body, a middle box body, a ash bucket, an air inlet equalizing device, a bracket, a filter bag and a blowing device, an ash discharging device, and an explosion-proof device.

The dust-laden air enters each compartment ash hopper from the inlet airflow equalizer of the dust collector, and under the diversion of the ash bucket diversion device, the dust of the large particles is separated and falls directly into the ash hopper, and the fine dust uniformly enters. The middle case is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the clean gas permeates the filter bag into the upper case. The dust on the filter bag accumulates more, when the resistance of the device reaches a limited resistance value (generally set to 1500 Pa) After the cleaning device automatically closes the one-line offline valve according to the setting time of the cleaning time, the electronically controlled pulse valve is opened according to the set time program, and the air blowing is blown, and the pressure in the filter bag is gathered by the instantaneous blowing of the compressed air. Increasing, the dust on the filter bag is dropped (even if the sticky and fine dust can be thoroughly cleaned) into the ash hopper, and discharged by the ash discharging mechanism


Main structure and characteristics of belt conveyor and conveyor belt dust collector

1) With advanced cleaning mechanism, the technology is advanced and reliable, and the cleaning is thorough.

2) The well-designed air inlet and flow equalization device and the ash bucket diversion technology solve the phenomenon that the airflow in each sub-chamber often occurs in the general bag filter.

3) The upper end of the filter bag adopts the structure of the rising circle, which not only has good sealing performance, but also is quick and simple in repairing and replacing the bag, and realizes the bag change outside the machine.

4) There are special and strict requirements on the manufacture and structure of the bag cage.

5) The electromagnetic pulse valve adopts imported parts, and the service life of the wearing parts diaphragm is more than 1 million times.

6) The dust collector control adopts advanced controller with three control modes: timing and manual. For dust collector

7) Pulse valve, ash discharge valve, etc. to achieve full system control.

Such belt conveyor dust collectors are used in mines, stone plants, concentrating plants, coal washing plants, coal preparation plants, and coal handling systems.