Conveyor Belt Factory

- Jan 22, 2019-

ompany Snapshot

Better Solutions in Progress! ---- One of the most reputed belting solutions suppliers in China. 

With conveyor belts as well as power transmission belts, modular conveyor belts, timing belts, V belts, feeder belts and other products. XInbex has been creating customer-driven belting solutions for worldwide customer about 18years, and we provide better quality, reasonably price products as well as excellent service. That is why we are trusted throughout the industries and the other sectors. 

If you want to be well advised, you need a capable and efficient partner. Xinbex offer customers quick and competent assistance with fitting jobs and service equipments throughout the world. 

In 2013, XINBEX extended the factory area and registed XIAMEN HEE INDUSTRY BELT Co., Ltd in tongan district, Xiamen City. 

Mission & Values

Xinbex mission and values are expressed in the company's brand promise to our customers, employees and shareholders alike. Xinbex is where innovation and technology come together to creat better solutions for the worldwide customers. 

Our mission---- we are long-term value for our customers, employees and shareholders, through a passionate commitment to excellence and a disciplined management process, together produce sustained competitive advantage in global market. We achieve success by innovation of technology, new material and meet customers diversified needs. 

Our Values--- Xinbex continue to prove its commitment to being and innovation-driven, results-oriented, well-managed company. Our people have a passion for progress and commitment to excellence. Compared with our competitors, we constantly strive to be better partners with our customers and to be more customer-focused, and more forward-looking. 

We know that everything we accomplish rely on the dedication, skills, integrity and commitment of our employees. We offer challenging, fair, and rewarding package for our employees and set high expectations for performance. We seek to create a place where people can make a difference. 

Our mission and values, are deeply rooted within the company and show our internally disciplined style.