Conveyor Belt Experiment

- Jan 10, 2019-

Conveyor belt inspection

1. Sales and bidding: Products need to be put on the market or supplied to large enterprises and used for bidding, providing third-party testing reports.

2. In the process of research and development of new products, encounter relevant technical problems, and prove its performance in order to be introduced to the market after success.

3, inspection and procurement: quality control of purchased products or raw materials, whether to meet their own procurement needs

4, quality and control: factory inspection, self-manufactured products for quality control, better to ensure the quality of their products

5, laboratory support: need to support research projects or apply for tax refund and tax exemption testing, etc.

our service

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Customer typeservice itemseffect
R&D unitDetection, analysisR&D: Get performance data for R&D and formulation improvement
manufacturerProduct reportSales: Product report, for sales, presenting customers
Quality control: used to check whether the product is up to standard
Party AInspection reviewInspection: Party A is used to check whether the purchased product meets the standard and is inspected.
Regulatory authorities
DetectionFor supervision or government inspection
For supervision or government inspectionTax refund detectionTax rebate rate 30%-100%
Testing product

examination rangeSpecific product
By materialPVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, PE conveyor belt, plastic chain conveyor belt, modular net conveyor belt, polypropylene conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, Teflon conveyor belt, etc.
By useOil-proof conveyor belt, non-slip conveyor belt, climbing conveyor belt, heat-proof conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, flame-retardant conveyor belt
Heat resistanceHeat-resistant conveyor belt, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, anti-cavitation conveyor belt, etc.;
By industrySpecial conveyor belt for automobile industry, special conveyor belt for tires, special conveyor belt for chemical industry, food conveyor belt, etc.;
Hot spot detection productOrdinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, general flame retardant conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, burning-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, oil-resistant conveyor belt, conveyor belt, rib conveyor belt, High wear-resistant conveyor belt, steel wire core conveyor belt, fabric core conveyor belt, fabric core flame-retardant conveyor belt, canvas core heat-resistant conveyor belt, steel cord core flame-retardant conveyor belt, steel wire rope traction flame retardant conveyor belt, flame retardant conveyor belt, etc.
Test items

Overlay tensile strength, elongation at break, hot air aging, rotating drum abrasion, full thickness tensile strength, elongation, interlayer adhesion strength, groove formation, straightness, appearance inspection, alcohol lamp, alcohol burner , combustion performance, static conductivity, coating hardness, reference strength elongation, longitudinal tensile strength, random vibration test, compression resistance test, free fall drop test, impact test, pinch test, blast test, edge card pressure test , bond strength, electrical resistivity, roller friction test, cover layer and fabric bond strength, wire rope bond strength, wire rope dynamic bond strength, penetration degree, surface resistance test, alcohol burner combustion test, roadway propane combustion test, full thickness Longitudinal tensile strength, tensile strength, coating roller abrasion, electrical conductivity, burner burning performance, propane combustion performance, international hardness, coating oil resistance, appearance quality inspection, dimensional deviation detection, elongation at break, coating Thickness, cover layer ozone resistance detection, coating layer acid and alkali resistance test, volume change rate after soaking After soaking strength change rate, hardness, length, width, thickness, fabric joint detection, size detection, tear strength, adhesion strength plastic edge, propane burner test.