Conveyor Belt Examples

- Jan 14, 2019-

Whether it's biscuits, candy or even meat, poultry, agriculture, canned food and beverages, XINBEX offers a wide and comprehensive range of conveyor belt solutions..At the same time, our company also provides special function belts, such as moisture resistance, high/low temperature resistance, etc. In addition to ordinary metal wire antistatic, most of them use expensive permanent carbon coating to achieve the best antistatic effect, taking care of different food industries. Requirements, in line with industry health standards.

The main products are:

PVC coated food conveyor belt - moderate wear resistance, good chemical resistance, cheaper than TPU

TPU coated food conveyor belt - superior softness, good wear resistance, good resistance to vegetable oil and animal oil

Silicone special coating tape - good release, high temperature resistance, good stability

Can be applied to different applications such as the following:

  Meat, poultry and seafood

  ◇ Agriculture, animal husbandry, pharmaceutical industry, dairy products

   Chocolate and confectionery industry

   baking industry (bread and biscuits)

  ◇ Fruit / Vegetables

  Beverage and canning industry

XINBEX offers Chemprene tobacco products, the main products are:

Special rim tape for threshing and baking production line-TD-3L / TD-5L / TD-7L, made of natural rubber, odorless, tasteless

                                            Road, through the Pyrolysis test, the product is extremely durable and free of carcinogens.

If you know our model and want to learn more about the detailed technical parameters of the belt, please visit the Food & Tobacco Information page.