Conveyor Belt Escalator

- Jan 15, 2019-

Introduction editor

An escalator is a fixed electric drive device with a circulating running step for tilting passengers up or down.

The escalator consists of a ladder (variable slab conveyor) and armrests on both sides (deformed belt conveyor). The main components are step, traction chain and sprocket, guide rail system, main drive system (including motor, speed reducer, brake and intermediate drive link, etc.), drive spindle, ladder tensioning device, armrest system, comb plate, escalator skeleton And electrical systems, etc. The steps are horizontally moved at the entrance of the passengers (convenient for passengers to board the stairs), and gradually form a step; the steps gradually disappear after approaching the exit, and the steps are again horizontally moved. These movements are realized by walking the main and auxiliary wheels of the step along different step guides.

Category editing

1. Classification by handrail decoration

1) Fully transparent: refers to the escalator made of fully transparent glass, which can be further divided into curved glass and flat glass according to the shape of the glass.

2) Opaque: Refers to the escalator made of opaque metal or other materials. Since the handrail bracket is fixed on the upper part of the wall panel, the handrail belt is circulated on the rail of the armrest bracket, so the stability of the opaque type is better than that of the full transparency. It is mainly used for high-rise escalators where subways, stations, docks, etc. are concentrated.

3) Translucent: Refers to the armrest wall panel is translucent, such as handrail wall panels made of semi-transparent glass.

In terms of handrail decoration, the fully transparent glass siding has a certain strength, the thickness of which should not be less than 6mm, and the fully transparent glass siding has a good decorative effect, so the siding is made of flat transparent glass. Escalators account for the vast majority.

2. Classification by step drive

1) Chain type: refers to the escalator that drives the steps of the chain as a chain.

2) Rack type: refers to the escalator whose components driving the step are racks.

Due to the simple structure of the chain drive and the low manufacturing cost, most escalators adopt a chain drive structure.

3. Sort by lifting height

1) Small lifting height escalator: lifting height 3~10m;

2) Escalator with elevated height: lifting height 10~45m;

3) Elevator with large lifting height: lifting height 45~65m