Conveyor Belt Elevator

- Jan 15, 2019-

There is only one life. The best gift God gives to mankind is the body. Every one of us should take good care of it. With the development of science and technology, elevators that are made using the principle of transportation and serve the public are constantly experiencing safety accidents.


Conveyor belts with the same origin are transmitted by elevators, which appear in many handling scenarios, such as terminal cargo handling, large warehouse goods entering and leaving warehouses, production enterprises flowing water, and so on.

Because it can bring us a lot of convenience in production, the scope of use is particularly wide, it can save manpower, and has good carrying and transportation effects.


With a wide range of applications, the safety of the conveyor belt must be done well. When selecting the conveyor belt, we must pay attention to the product quality, avoid the damage of the gear reducer, the hydraulic coupler spray or the reversal of the motor, which will bring the loss of the financial earrings to the company. Mingcheng transmission, transporting ten years, quality first, pre-sales service, customized sales, after-sales guarantee, to provide you with the best conveyor belt.

Of course, in the choice of conveyor belts, the technology of the conveyor belt needs to be more high-tech and durable. Nowadays, conveyor belt joints on the market are divided into mechanical joints and vulcanized joints. Old technology and mechanical joints are not as good as vulcanized joints. Of course, the vulcanized joint will have an effect on the conveyor belt if the vulcanization temperature and vulcanization pressure are not controlled, or if the temperature and pressure holding times are not set.

Therefore, a professional conveyor belt company not only requires good product quality, but also requires very good technology. Mingcheng Transmission, with professional transmission technology talents, provides customized services for every customer who needs conveyor belt products.

Finally, Mingcheng Transmission reminds you warmly that the staff around the conveyor belt must not touch the conveyor belt at work. Please take care of yourself and cherish life!